Step 1. Install Minecraft v1.8.8

Each student will need a copy of minecraft. If they already have minecraft installed, they just need to activate version 1.8.8 as the video demonstrates.

If your students don't have a copy of minecraft yet, they can purchase it here and download the official launcher. Alternatively, as our servers do not require authentication, you can use our launcher (if a student has python installed).

Step 2. Setup a Python coding environment.

The best way to get all your students coding in the exact same environment is to use Cloud9's Education plan, which cost $1 monthly per teacher (with unlimited students) and provides each student an identical code editor in the cloud. [Signup] [Read More]

After purchasing the Cloud9 Education for $1, you will need to go to the Team Invite page, and invite each student via email (requires students have an email account). This will send them a link to signup with Cloud9 for free without needing a credit card.

After each student signs up, they need to create a Workspace to code in - watch the video to see how it works. The url the video has you copy and paste is this:

Step 3. Setup your TeachCraft Server.

Start with our open source repo as the base, and host it locally or with a minecraft server host!

And now you're ready to go!

This video demonstrates how the pieces connect together, and walks through the student experience in executing code on your minecraft world for the first time!