Step 1. Install Minecraft v1.8.8

If you already have minecraft installed, you just need to activate version 1.8.8 as the video demonstrates.

If you don't have minecraft yet, you can purchase it here and download the official launcher. Alternatively, as our servers do not require authentication, you can use our launcher (if you have python installed).

Step 2. Setup a Python coding environment.

We recommend you create a free account on Cloud9 to use their cloud-based coding environment - watch the video to see how it works. The url the video has you copy and paste is this:

Alternatively, on your machine you can install Python 2.7, a code editor of your choice, and this repository to get started.

Step 3. Setup your TeachCraft Server.

You have 2 options!

A) Want it to "just work"? Use our service to run your TeachCraft Server! We handle all the configuration and setup for you, auto-reboot on any crash, and provide you with an admin panel.

A) Follow our guide to setup a free local server! (Does not work with or online multiplayer without something like ngrok)

B) Start with our open source repo to set up a server on a minecraft hosting provider for multiplayer support.

And now you're good to go!

This video demonstrates how the pieces connect together, and walks you through executing code in your minecraft world for the first time!

Get started on our free lessons, or head over to the Community Projects page for inspiration on what to build!